Rhys Turner is a Sydney based Australian Creative Technologist, Artist & Creative Developer working for VMLY&R Sydney. With over 20 years experience in web, desktop and mobile software engineering he is focused on emerging technologies and innovation. Rhys has a Masters of Visual Arts: Media Arts, Bachelor of Visual Arts Hon 1 and is the Curator and Owner of Yeah!Nah! gallery. He is an active and practicing visual artist a surfer, and optimistic futurist.


Sydney based Australian artist Rhys Turner mixes art and technology in hope to enlighten through the viewer/user/author experience of his art. Completing a Masters of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in Media Arts in 2005 and winning an Australian Postgraduate Award for the degree, Turner has been interested in interactive and new media modes since exhibiting in the students section of 2001: A space Odyssey: Sensation and Immersion, NSW Art Gallery 2001. His work moves through different interactive and new media forms form Web, Video and NetArt to Interactive Sculpture, Interactive Installations and Performance.

Turner’s Masters work Video Stereo was a part of his body of work Etherscapes. Video Stereo uses a 1200 Technics turntable, a computer system and a modified 1960s stereo unit to allow the audience to physically interact with video and sound. This pieces explores how the influence Media effects society and reverses that process by giving control of the Image to the audience. Other themes of his work develop the idea of non-linear, chaos and ‘micro’ narratives as well as alternative interfaces and the digital aesthetic. Turners work challenges traditional modes of perception in hope of promoting thought and ideas of current social trends and ‘Image’.