Squiggle 2.0 is a multi user VJing (Video Jockey) app for creating rich audio and visual performances and live art. It allows people with a smartphone to control graphics and sound on a projector and sound system. The images and sounds are created by local artists and performed by local dancers and audience participants to create a montage of audio and visual elements. The imagery would be worked on separately as illustrations or short animations and loaded into the app. The sound would be mp3 files created for the event again by local talent and audio files. The actual performance would work with a dancer to create the sound element with their moment by strapping an iPhone to the dancers body. The workshop would be ideally over 3/4 days with a performance at the end where we can showcase our stuff.

Creative: Collaborative digital art and VJ tool. Visitors connect to the app with their phone and draw digital graffitti on the projected image.

Tech description: OSC based smartphone VJing app. remote TUIO draw app talks over WiFi with UDP to main app with multi-user art being created.

Points of note:
– tuio osc udp
– Multi-user colaborative art

Role: artist/director/developer/creative technolgiost

Software/technology: Flash, TUIO