Bitelement Xinchang is a geolocation based artwork that invites visitors to explore the old town of Xinchang. Take a map and a pair of Google cardboard VR goggles then explore the town. The visitor is invited to discover hidden QR codes marked by neon signs scattered around the town. The artwork uses the 5 elements of the Chinese zodiac, Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal to divide city into North, South, East, West and Central zones. When the visitor finds a QR code in a zone they scan and play with a WebVR experience of that zone’s element. Once the visitor has finished exploring they return to Fohaus and scan the main HQ QR code. This will generate a unique 6th element, the BitElement. They can save the element as an image and share as they like. The purpose of this artwork is to explore the city and discover new sights while tour activity is logged. You activity and performance data is used to generate your unique BitElement artwork to take home.


Rhys Turner, Vladamir Popov


NFT Captured Water Element Fractal